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Wearing Hijab Around The House

Salam sister, I just wanted to know whether it is compulsory to wear a hijab around the house where there are only mahram-men present? Also, does not wearing a hijab break your wudhu (I heard shaytan urinates on your head 😳)? Another question, does it become compulsory to do ghusl when you have removed underarm hair and pubic hair? Thank you so much, you have an amazing blog MashaaAllah, May Allah (swt) reward you in abundance and answer your Duas In sha Allah. 😘❤️

Wa alaikum salam
  • It is not compulsory for you to wear hijab in front of mahrams 
  • Not wearing hijab does not break your wudu, nor does removing it.
- Please read the following post for information about what breaks your wudu: http://islamic-kn.blogspot.com/2013/11/what-breaks-your-wudu.html
  • The times when Ghusl becomes compulsory are:
- Ejaculation
- When one has had a wet dream
- Sexual intercourse
- To become clean from menstruation (period)
- To become clean from blood after child birth

Please be careful where you get Islamic information from, as it could be false ♥ thank you for double checking with me concerning some of the information you have gained, and I hope Insha’Allah I have cleared it up for you ♥
Masha’Allah thank you for your amazing compliment, it has brightened my day Alhamdulilah ♥ and thank you for your amazing Du’a and same toyou Insha’Allah Ameen ♥ :D xxx

Insha’Allah I have answered you questions ♥

If you do not understand something or would like additional details, please let me know and I will be happy to provide Insha’Allah ♥

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