Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The Main keys to be Faithful to Allah.

We live our life for Allah and to Allah, but how can we know that. Life can sometimes change us without we know. We need to examine our selves to see and realize if we are faithful or not.
The Main keys to be Faithful to Allah.

There are several keys to search for inside yourself, if you find it, know that you are faithful  to Allah in your deeds.

 Love of Allah.

I love my mom that’s why I listen to all what she say to me and I obey her , Mohamed you have to clean your room , yes mother I will , Mohamed please can you bring vegetables  when you are out , yes mother with pleasure.  To Allah the great example, when Allah ordered us to pray, when you do it, you do because of Allah or because people see you.. When you fast you do it for Allah because you love Allah or you do it because you want people say see he fast always, see he is a good person. Ask yourself my friend. 

… But those who believe have greater love for Allah… (Surat al-Baqara, 165)

 Are you one of them , this is not my words , its Allah words , love for Allah not with words but with actions and deeds , do you do charity without  people knowing about it.

When people sleep do you stand at night in front of your lord asking him for his forgiveness and his merci?

No one can tell if your faithful or not my brother , it depends on you ,  if you reach it  you indeed reached success.

May Allah subhanhu wa Talla  make us faithful to him in say and deed .. Ameen