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Who is Imam Mahdi Al-Montazar (The Awaited) Part Three ?

Before the Mahdi's appearance, there would be those who pave the way for his appearance.

Narrated 'Ali son of Abu Talib:, 

“The Prophet said, ‘A man named al-Harith son of Hirath will come from Transoxania. His army will be led by a man named Mansoor. He will be pave the way for and establish the government of the family of Muhammad, just as the Quraysh established the government of the Messenger of Allah. Every believer will be obliged to support them.’”

(Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 36, No. 4277)

Thus, from the east, a man named "al-Harith" would appear, with his army being led by another individual called "Mansoor" who would pave the way for and establish the government for the family of Prophet Muhammad, which can be taken to be a reference to the Mahdi's government, since he would be a descendant from the family of Prophet Muhammad. In other narrations, we find implied references to "al-Harith" as the Hashimi (Hashemite) and to "Mansoor" as Shu'ayb son of Salih, with their army coming from Khorasan, carrying black banners. This army would continue moving westward against the armies of the Sufyaani, conquering the lands they pass over, until they reach the city of Jerusalem, where they would establish the Mahdi's government, after the Mahdi appears. When the Mahdi migrates to Jerusalem six years later, the Mansoor would give his army to him.

Ibn-i Munawi said that, "Danyal (Daniel) (as) reported in his book that:
"There are 3 Sufyaanis and 3 Mahdis. When the first Sufyaani appears and his name and fame become widespread, the first Mahdi will confront him, the second Mahdi will confront the second Sufyaani and the third Mahdi will confront the third Sufyaani and Allah, the Exalted, will send him (the third Mahdi) to save the ones who have suffered mischief, and the believers. The Sunnah will be revived through him and oppression, injustice and cruelty will come to an end through him. The people will be highly prized and become victorious over their opponents at his time. A beautiful life will be lived, and the earth and the heavens will increase their blessing.." 

This quote exists in a handwritten copy of the book titled Al-Burhan fi Alamat al-Mahdi Akhir al-Zaman held in the Suleymaniye Library.

According to this quote, the book of Daniel says that there are 2 Mahdis that appear before the Mahdi. Assuming this reference is correct, it can therefore be said that these 2 mahdis, one succeeding the other, would be those who pave the way for the Mahdi. They would therefore be Caliphs, but without a Caliphate system or an Islamic state in place to govern. al-Harith son of Hirath the Hashemite must therefore be one of these mahdis. When the Mahdi appears, he would succeed, with al-Harith's army's support, in finally overthrowing the despotic tyrants, then establishing his Caliphate over the Muslims. The other mahdi can be said to be the Yemeni leader from the Quraysh, mentioned in the Kitab al-Fitan of Nu'aym bin Hammad.

During the time of the Yemeni, there would be a war in Byzantium (Turkey), in which the Byzantine ruler will be at war with the Turks (who will be invading them) and will be allied with the Romans. Thus the Turks will run over Qustuntuniyyah (Istanbul), and will occupy it. The Byzantine ruler will flee and go to Bilad al-Sham (The Levant). Following this, an agreement is made between the Yemeni and the Roman king, which is mediated by an Israelite, descending from Aaron. This agreement will be upheld for seven years. Together, they will wage war against, and invade, the enemy beyond Rome, and will be victorious. This war would be global in which many people will be killed.

There would be joint re-conquest of Istanbul, and a Christian from the allied Romans will erect a cross, and announce that "because of the cross, victory was gained, and in the name of the cross we won." On hearing this, a person from the Muslim army will assault him and will say, "No. Islam was victorious and because of Islam victory was gained", and shall go and break the cross. As a result of this incident, the Romans and the Turks will join together, breaking their peace-agreement with the Arabs, and then going to war against them. Those Muslims, as well as their leader, the Yemeni, will be martyred and the Romans, with the Turks, will take over al-Sham.

The Hashimite (a descendant of the Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe) named of Harith son of Hirrath, will emerge during the time of the Sufyaani, from beyond the Euphrates River, with his army; the army of the Mahdi, whose vanguard will be the Mansoor . The former (i.e. Haarith) will be preparing the minds of Muslims to-accept the Mahdi when he comes and pave the way for the Mahdi's government. He will perform the same task for the Mahdi, what the Qurayish performed for The Messenger of Allah (Sallallahu alayhi wasallam) in Medina before the Hijrah. The Mansoor will aid him in this direction. It is compulsory upon every Muslim to help this Harith, or to respond to his call.
At head of the Hashemite's army will be the Mansoor, named Shu'ayb son of Salih from the tribe of Tamim. The term "Mansoor" is a title, meaning "victor", or "one who is given victory". As such, Shu'ayb is the one who leads the Mahdi's army to victory. He will lead the army of the Mahdi, who will come from the East carrying Black flags. The East here refers to Taliqan in Khurasan, i.e. Afghanistan. They will pave the way for the establishment of the Mahdi's kingdom and nothing shall stop their onward march, and eventually they will plant their flags on the soils of Jerusalem. After al-Sham is taken over by the Romans, their rule would extend up to Khyber. At that point, the comet with a tail (a sign of the Mahdi), will appear. Its passing would cause much devastation across the world, resulting in a shift in the balance of powers. The Sufyaani would then come and take over Syria, then start massacring people in Iraq. When some flee to Khurasan, the Sufyaani's army would attempt to move eastward in pursuit of them. Then the Hashemite's army of the Mahdi, led by the Mansoor, would engage them in Iran, and defeat them. The Sufyaani's army would escape, then launch an assault into Arabia, capturing the Hashemites there and imprisoning them in Iraqi city of Kufa. Then the Euphrates river would dry up, revealing a treasure, which everyone would kill each other over. The three leaders competing for authority over the entirety of al-Sham (the Sufyaani, the Ashhab, and the 'Abqa) will also fight each over this treasure. However, none of them will attain it. After this, the Mahdi would appear.

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