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Why We Should Pray The Witr Prayer ?

Today we are going to mention the importance of pray Witr and why we should perform this prayer. Also, we are going to list some of its significances.

Why We Should Pray The Witr Prayer ?
Witr prayer is one of the greatest acts of worship that draw one closer to Allaah. Some of the scholars even thought that it is one of the obligatory prayers, but the correct view is that it is one of the confirmed Sunnah (Sunnah mu’akkadah) which the Muslim should observe regularly and not neglect intentionally which is a disobedience to the Prophet as such sinful.

Imam Ahmad (may Allaah have mercy on him) said: Whoever neglects Witr is a bad person whose testimony should not be accepted. This indicates that Witr prayer is something that is confirmed.
Its timing:
It starts when a person has prayed ‘Isha’, even if it is joined to Maghrib at the time of Maghrib, and lasts until dawn begins, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Allaah has prescribed for you a prayer (by which He may increase your reward), which is Witr; Allaah has enjoined it for you during the time between ‘Isha’ prayer until dawn begins.” Narrated by Imam al-Tirmidhi, 425.

The number of rak’ahs:
The minimum number of rak’ahs for Witr is one rak’ah. If a person limits himself to praying one rak’ah, then he has performed the Sunnah which may be added to the two sunnah rakaat after Isha or after Tahajjud salaat. But Witr may also be three or five or seven or nine etc.

Why We Should Pray The Witr Prayer ?

If a person prays three rak’ahs or more of Witr this may be done in two ways, both of which are prescribed in shari'a: To pray two then sit to recite tashahhud then stand to add one then Tashahhud and Tasleem. If 5 or more rakaats then you offer 2 sit to recite tashahhud and tasleem then do the same for other two but without tasleem so that you add one last one with tashahhud and tasleem.

May Allah aid us in His obedience. Aameen Yaa Quddus !!!

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