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The best of all Women

It is  a very important question for me and almost for all Muslims, women are vital element in our life, we depend on them we count on them to pass our days. I like to say that women are consider the shield that protect us daily.
The_best _of _all _Women

Behind any successful man you can find a women who supported him during his hard life, made him focus in his work or his field. I would like to believe that woman is number two after Allah  in any success a man can achieve. Here  I am not talking about wives here I am talking about women in general Mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

Now, no one can answer this question who are the best women better than our Prophet peace be upon him. Abū Hurayrah (may Allāh be pleased with him) narrated that the Prophet ﷺ was asked:
❞أي النساء خير؟❝

❝Which is the best of women?❞
The Prophet ﷺ replied:
❞التي تسره إذ نظر، وتطيعه إذا أمر، ولا تخالفه في نفسها وماله بما يكره.❝

❝The one who makes (her husband) pleased when he looks at her, and she obeys him when he orders her (to do something), and she does not differ with him (i.e disobey him) with regards to her self or his wealth by (doing) that which he dislikes.❞
[Reported by al-Nasā'ī - Hadīth Sahīh]

3 unique attributes are extracted from this narration:

  • Her commitment to the Dīn, her character, her behavior and her appearance all make him pleased and delighted.
  • She strives to please him by obeying him, as long as it does not result in disobedience to her Creator. 
  • She always makes sure to protect her self by preserving her honor/chastity and his wealth/property while he is away from her.

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