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Can Social Media Bring Us Closer To Allah?

The_ Man_who_met _a _righteous _struggling _woman _on _internet

The Main reason i posted this story is  to tell you that we still can use this social media in something which bring us closer to Allah. We can meet people, help people , aid someone, we have to admit there are many great and good things we can use this technology  through it.

It is not my story but it is a true story happen and i believe it will continue to happen. It is a true story which telling you my sisters you have to be strong in the face of struggle and in the face of difficulty knowing that Allah is always hiding something good for you.

it is a story to tell us men that we need to protect our sisters from our selves , we need to stay strong in the face of shitan , and always have a clear intention towards others and try to aid them not to use them.

I saw her. Mashaa'Allaah she was looking stunning not through her pictures but her profile. Yeah, with curiosity I went through her profile. She was a Face - veiled woman [Niqaabi] 

After well checked, I sent her a friend request and sent her a message. I started my conversation with Salaam and asking her about her health, life and what does she doing. 

I noticed she was avoiding me. I insisted. She avoid me again but I was so persistent that I made her replied my salam.

To my Surprise, When I asked her if she will chat with me tomorrow.. She said “NO”
I had several questions in my mind but I asked her reason. She replied the same answer again which is: NO. THIS IS BAD and forbidden.

I sat quietly and began to think. 

Soubhan'Allaah, I am a stranger to her. She could have been led to me easily specially in this fitnah world with all these temptations but She, keep in mind her fear of [GOD- Taqwa], combat and struggle against Satan’s traps and protected herself. I apologized to her and cancel my friend request.
Then I supplicate to Allaah:

“All Praise be to YOU, O Allaah 

Just like this Muslim woman have protected herself from me and from Satan’s traps..Likewise Protect my woman whom you’ve made for me from all the men who approaches her with envious purposes until we meet.And Reward immensely the Muslim woman who struggled and said NO to me.”

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