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21 simple ways to strengthen your marriage

  • There are millions of way to strengthen your marriage. In no particular order, here are twenty-one wa.
  • Nourish Love between you and your mate. Allah made permissible the sexual intercourse between you and your spouse. Make it more often, with each other only! 
  • Don’t keep secrets from each other. COMMUNICATE about everything.
  • Argue less. Cuddle more.

  • Don’t get deep in debt and if you’re already there, work together [Wives can pray sincerely and become an encourage for her husband] to get out of it!

  • Pray together, make FAITH a foundation for your life together.
  • Turn off your phones. Talking with each other is better than texting with someone else!
  • Pray for each other. prayers can change destiny make your life connected to the Almighty Allah through dua and prayers.
  • Leave LOVE NOTES for each other. Sometimes we need a unique way to express our love for each others this can be a vital way in sha Allah.

  • Send flowers on unexpected days, not just holidays. as man I can tell you that with very simple way you can keep your wife happy, a flower will not afford you much but it has magnificent effect on here feelings
  • Don’t ignore problems in your relationship. Deal with them quickly and aggressively.
  • Be quick to remember each other’s positive traits and quick to forget each other’s flaws.
  • Don’t hold grudges. Forgive and seek FORGIVENESS when you’ve wronged each other.
  • Don’t waste time or energy comparing your lives to anyone else’s. Allah’s plan for you is masterfully unique.
  • Go on long walks and HOLD HANDS.
  • Make “DATE NIGHT” a priority! Time alone together is vital for your continued growth and health.
  • Give COMPLIMENTS constantly, and never give insults.
  • When you’re happy, laugh together. When you’re sad, cry together. Whatever you do, do it together!
  • Show LOVE and RESPECT to each other even in those moments when you don’t feel like it.
  • Keep dreaming new dreams and making big plans together. Don’t get stuck in a predictable rut.
  • ENCOURAGE each other. Build each other up so much that nothing in the world can tear you down.
  • NEVER give up on each other!

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